Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the Mexican jungle, there lived a young boy named Jimmy Hits. He was raised by a tribe of vampires who had taken him in when his parents were killed by a jaguar. Despite the fact that he was different from the other members of the tribe, they loved and protected him like one of their own.

As Jimmy Hits grew older, he became fascinated by the sounds and rhythms that surrounded him in the jungle. He would often spend hours listening to the songs of the birds and the drums of the tribe, and began experimenting with creating his own music using the natural instruments around him.

Despite his love for music, Jimmy Hits knew that he could never truly fit in with the vampires. So, on the night of his 18th birthday, he made the brave decision to leave the jungle and seek out a new life.

He traveled to the city, where he found work as a DJ at a local club. His unique style, which blended traditional jungle rhythms with modern electronic beats, quickly made him a popular figure in the underground music scene.

As his fame grew, Jimmy Hits decided to take the next step in his career and began producing his own music. He released his first song under the pseudonym "I Feel It", paying homage to the tribe that had raised him and the sounds that had influenced him.

The song was a huge success and soon Jimmy Hits was touring, performing to sold-out crowds and receiving critical acclaim. He had finally found a place where he truly belonged.

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Jimmy Hits has multiple residencies across the West Coast spinning EDM. You can find him first Fridays at Dahlia & Saturday's at Club X in San Francisco.